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Bonnie & Dwight Smith, publishers

Hello ... from Wool Street, fellow rug hookers!

We have something in common! Friendships are often formed that otherwise might never have been simply because we like the same things. I knew you were out there ... everywhere I go I see good-goods!

The Wool Street Journal has always been full of such good things ... things made with peoples hearts and hands working together to lift our spirits, gladden our hearts and brighten our hearth and home.

The first issue of The Wool Street Journal was published in April 2002. My high school sweetheart, husband of 51 years and lifelong friend, Dwight, is my partner.

After many years of publishing The Wool Street Journal, Dwight and I are ready to stop the presses and get on with whatever comes next. My love of rug hooking will never retire, and I thank each and every one of you for your continued support, love and encouragement along this journey.

You will always have a hooking pal in Georgia,


Tina Ackermann - g.woolikers

I am one of those rug hookers who is best described as passionate about rug hooking. My mom taught me to hook in the winter of 2000. She hooks primitive designs with a wide cut and I have not strayed from that simple approach. My reasons for hooking rugs are many and counting! I adore everything about primitive hand-hooked wool rugs. On a usual day, I wear many hats. You’ll find me to be the quintessential fiber artist – hooking or designing a rug, home schooling, blogging and being the best I can be as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I live in Woodstock, Georgia with my wonderful husband and am blessed with a houseful of amazing boys.

Before moving to Woodstock, I lived in St. Louis, Missouri where I owned and operated g.woolikers rug hooking shop and where I introduced many others to hooking rugs. I adore color planning and teaching primitive-style rug hooking. I also love dyeing and overdyeing new and recycled wool.

You will find patterns that are adaptations of mom’s original art taken from the pages of The Wool Street Journal. The patterns are sold under the name g.woolikers. My mom and I also teach together in rug hooking shops and studios around the country. We have a treasure of good memories and have formed lasting friendships with rug hooking folks just like us – always coming away inspired and with a renewed desire to put a rug hook in someone’s hand.

My goal is to develop an ever-expanding vision of the gentle art of primitive rug hooking and press forward with contagious energy!

For the love of rug hooking,

Tina Ackermann

g.woolikers &

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