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*Patriotic* Rug Hooking Patterns

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'Every heart beats true for the red, white and blue' . . . especially the heart of a rug hooker! We have plenty of patriotic patterns from which to choose.

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StarSpangledBreeze.jpg StarSpangledBreeze_art.jpg

Star Spangled Breeze

24x36  $54.00

Flying High  27x28  $54.00

Red, White and Ewe  20x24  $46.00

Every Heart Beats True  32x32  $64.00

FlyingHigh.jpg FlyingHigh_art.jpg Lib.jpg Lib_rug.jpg Sam.jpg Sam_rug.jpg

Lib  8x35  $54.00

Sam  8x35  $54.00

Bee Patriotic  14x24  $46.00

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