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Welcome to The Wool Street Journal

We are so glad you happened by for a visit! This is the best place to find all the information you need about The Wool Street Journal magazine. Our magazine is dedicated to primitive rug hooking.

The Wool Street Journal began publishing in April 2002. It is created and printed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each issue is designed to inspire and teach with pictures and stories from our readers. Every rug hooker has a story that can inspire and encourage another rug hooker – a novice or expert. We invite you to share your story and rugs on the pages of a future issue of The Wool Street Journal!

In each issue you'll find interesting articles, rug hooker profiles, overdyeing formulas, free patterns, and a host of information about rug hooking shops and events. You can subscribe right here, and get any back issues that are still available.

And here's a bonus - we offer the rug hooking patterns of The Wool Street Journal, some of which are taken directly from the pages of our magazine.

Our daughter, Tina, is the keeper of the patterns at g.woolikers.

Corina Doll - hooked pattern from Wool Street Journal

PINTEREST! The Wool Street Journal

The pattern for the Corina doll, pictured here, is in the January 2005 back issue; available while supplies last!